Playfully Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Follow the Cheese

EZ Cheesy’s main purpose is to keep things ezzzzzzz. Right, cause life is complicated enough.  Let’s make eating out fun again. EZ Cheesy was purchased on a cold December day in East Jordan. MI. She was an abandoned 1964 Fleetwing Camper in need of a little TLC.  Even broken down, we saw the spirit in her. So sweet, you wanted to wrap your arms around her. Focusing on offering not only a simple and to the point menu, but also locally sourced ingredients we have created a selection of playful gourmet and down to earth grilled cheese sandwiches along with wholesome salads and snacks that the whole family will enjoy. After all, there is so much beauty in the ordinary! You can find EZ Cheesy seven days a week nestled up to The Little Fleet at 448 East Front Street. Come often and stay cheesy.